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Composites Global is comprised of a team of professional engineers, designers and scientists offering

unparalleled excellence in the installation of seismic hardening of building systems and key components

for both new and existing structures.


Our experience extends into the areas of earthquake damage remediation, preventive upgrades and

retrofit strengthening of core building components, walls and floors.  Critical infrastructure such as

hospitals, telephone exchanges, utility facilities, data centers and government offices require special

attention due to unique functions that must continue to operate regardless of the external environment.  


Employing advanced state-of-the-art composite materials first developed for the military, we are able to

safeguard and repair structural damage from a wide variety of physical threats and events both natural and

manmade.  We also upgrade existing structures for new uses and to comply with constantly changing

building code requirements.


Our highly-skilled designers employ the latest generation of computer-modeling tools in order to assess

each client's specific needs to meet their individual goals and objectives.  Composites Global's veteran

installers and project management staff complete their tasks with a minimal amount of occupant and

workplace disruption. If desired, we can schedule our work to be performed outside of normal business



Modern composite technology offers an ideal solution to a wide spectrum of problems for building owners,

users and tenants alike.  Unlike yesteryear, composites may significantly augment existing structures

without the need for costly demolition and replacement of existing facilities.  In most cases, composites

offer an excellent return on investment as building owners gain additional years of productive utilization

and revenue.    


We take exceptional pride in that our work helps protect and save lives through enhanced building

physical integrity, sustainability and overall safety.  Our efforts help prevent structural failure and protect

occupants from falling, collapsing and projectile debris.


We welcome inquiries regarding our services and capabilities.  Thank you.




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